Sesión del 8 de abril del 2014: Sociobiología de sistemas moleculares

Buenas tardes a todos, les anexo el artículo que revisaremos la próxima sesión.

Todo, tratando de mantener el enfoque del tema semestral: “función”
Espero les agrade
El artículo
The sociobiology of molecular systems
Kevin R. Foster*‡
Abstract | It is often assumed that molecular systems are designed to maximize the
competitive ability of the organism that carries them. In reality, natural selection acts
on both cooperative and competitive phenotypes, across multiple scales of biological
organization. Here I ask how the potential for social effects in evolution has influenced
molecular systems. I discuss a range of phenotypes, from the selfish genetic elements
that disrupt genomes, through metabolism, multicellularity and cancer, to behaviour and
the organization of animal societies. I argue that the balance between cooperative
and competitive evolution has shaped both form and function at the molecular scale.
Foster, Kevin R. “The sociobiology of molecular systems.” Nature Reviews Genetics 12.3 (2011): 193-203.