Sesión del 11 de marzo del 2014: Extrayendo información de redes celulares.

Un artículo para discutir esquemas de trabajo teóricos para trabajar con proteínas.

Network biologists attempt to extract meaningful relationships among genes or their products from very noisy data. We argue that what we categorize as noisy data may sometimes reflect noisy biology and therefore may shield a hidden meaning about how networks evolve and how matter is organized in the cell. We present practical solutions, based on existing evolutionary and biophysical concepts, through which our  understanding of cell biology can be enormously enriched.

Landry, C. R., Levy, E. D., Abd Rabbo, D., Tarassov, K., & Michnick, S. W. (2013). Extracting Insight from Noisy Cellular Networks. Cell, 155(5), 983-989.